Monday, January 25, 2016

Dear Battier....

Dear Battier,

Today you attended your first real Team Training and hopefully your perfect match was there. What I would have given to be able to see you today....the last time I saw you was May 15, 2015. You have grown into an amazing Service Dog since then and I am beyond proud of you! We went on so many adventures during our year and a half together, but your journey is just beginning. My favorite places with you were your favorites too I think...Lake Tahoe, because you love swimming! Disneyland because, who doesn't love Disneyland?! You were perfect and so good for all your pictures. Miami was another fun adventure! Again you were perfect on our crazy long journey there from San Francisco. You've been on both coasts and I hope you get to travel a lot more! I know that you will graduate with the perfect person for you because you are the most and amazing dog I have ever known (and you have some good competition). People often ask us as puppy raisers "how can you give them up?"....well, there are a few reasons. First, I got to have you in my life for a 17 months. Something that I am so thankful for. Also, I always say "how could I not", you are here for a purpose bigger than you even know. Someone has been waiting just for YOU!! You are also so loved and will be loved every single day of your life! I cannot wait to meet your forever person and I will thank you for bringing us together. Thanks to your amazing trainers Maria and Amanda for training you to be the best you can be! I'm so surprised they got you to speak after we tried so many times! I cannot wait to see you do your Advanced Commands! This is just such an exciting's been 255 days since I've seen you and yes I have an app for that...but it isn't because I miss you. I am just SO excited to see you and your new person! I've been thinking about you every day and hoping that you're having fun in Advanced Training. I know you get the best care there and will also be happy when you get to go to your new home. I love you with all my heart and I always will. Thanks for being my friend and loving me back. Love you Batts and I have a feeling I'll be seeing you soon!


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