Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Puppy Class

Today we had puppy class, it is the start of a new semester and Battier is repeating Riffraff. We have 4 levels: KPT, Basic, Riffraff and Big Dogs. Battier will be in Big Dogs after this semester and starting in February! That's hard to believe.

Today we worked on BED - from different positions. Battier is awesome at this! I can stand with my back to the bed and Battier in a heel and she will find the bed.

We also practiced something that Battier is great at...the dogs on/off switch. Meaning, they get excited and playful and then go back to work mode. I will have to get a video, but Battier can go from bouncing and running (never pulling on the leash) then right to a sit or heel. She's such a good girl!

We went to class early to watch the Basic puppies. They worked on bed here as well with a puppy taking turns weaving in and out of all the dogs. 

Battier met her half-sister Kailee for the first time today. Kailee is an Orent II puppy and Hula. Hula is from Brady III, Brady is an OMSI III puppy and OMSI is a Shawn puppy. So they're pretty closely related. Battier is about 3 weeks older than Kailee. 

After class we went to the Fountains in Roseville and the Galleria. I was surprised at home many people were out Christmas shopping. It was PACKED. Battier did awesome as usual. 

The girls are getting ready for our long road trip on Monday. We'll be driving 500 miles to Palm Springs. It'll be worth it since it's going to be a lot warmer there! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

JT Turkey Drive. Do Good.

On Wednesday we helped Jason Thompson and his Jason Thompson Foundation collect turkeys for the Sacramento community. The Foundation partnered with Walmart and gave turkeys to the Salvation Army and Center for Fathers and Families. 

Battier's friend Kayte came by to donate a turkey and of course to get some love too! 

Battier only gets to give kisses to Kayte and she follows the rule very well. 

Battier LOVES kids! Here she is with a new friend! 

Battier helping JT with some turkeys...on Wednesday we collected 160 turkeys! Amazing job by the community! Turkeys can still be collected until Monday. 

"Let's take these to the truck"

Rudy Gay came out to support JT. 

Shopping for rest of the Thanksgiving goods! 

Battier and one of her favorite friends from JT's basketball camp over the summer. They hadn't seen each other in a few months. 

LOTS of turkeys for families at the Salvation Army Transitional Living Center in Sacramento. 

This little girl LOVED Battier. When it was time to get her turkey all she wanted was "the dog!!", we had Battier do an up on the table for their photo. 

JT, JD, Battier and I...a great team! 

Good "up" Battier! 

Lots of Birthdays!

We had a fun filled weekend celebrating friends birthdays! 

"You said car"... Battier jumped on Shawn and just looked at me like this. 

Happy Birthday Kevin! 

We went to a bar in Sacramento that has a resident dog named Buddy! He and Battier became friends. 

Second birthday celebration! Happy Birthday to my bestie Kayte!! 

So many birthday parties....Monday was rough at work...I even forgot Battier's cape at home. Good thing I work at our family's business. Shawn likes coming to work too! 


Bowling...Basketball and fun!

Last week we went bowling for the first time! Battier was awesome! It started out as regular bowling and then at 10pm the lights went out and glow bowling started with a DJ. Battier slept the whole time  unless she was released to give some love to my friends. 

We've been going to a lot of Sacramento Kings games lately thanks to our friend JT (Jason Thompson).  Battier sleeps during the games and is pretty well known around the stadium! People recognize her from her Twitter and Instagram pages. 

13 months

I'm a little late posting, but we did take Battier's 13 month pictures on the 15th. She is 65 lbs and doing great on all her commands. Battier is confident in all settings and a very happy puppy. She is by far the best dog I have raised and I've raised some pretty amazing dogs! I really look forward to seeing what path Battier's choses for her future.

Shake without a cue. GOOD girl!