Friday, January 30, 2015

Long overdue post.

Battier enjoys going to physical therapy with me. When my back is being worked on she sleeps next to the table. Battier is awesome at holding her down and will stay with distractions from other clients. This picture is when I'm getting the ice and stem treatment on my back, I had her do a "lap" and she loved it, it's one of her favorite commands.

On the Sacramento Kings court after their game against Brooklyn. 

We arrived at puppy class early. It was SO cold outside for this class. Well, cold for California. Battier is waiting for the Basic puppy class to end so she could start Riffraff. 
Close up before puppy class. 

It was such a nice day out last Sunday that I had a little puppy play day on the tennis court. Here Battier is pictured with her friends Azuki and Jane. They are all 2 months apart! Azuki is 13 months, Battier 15 months and Jane 17 months. 

Half sisters Battier and Jane tugging on a toy, they are both Orent II puppies. 

Cuddles with Battier's best friend Kayte. 

Sharing toys and cuddle time! 

I don't know how this is comfortable! 

Open puppy class for all ages. Battier is in the middle with all her equipment off. The older puppies who are turning in in either February or May had the option to take off their equipment and work class like that. Battier was awesome as usual. 
Toy distraction from Carly, Battier didn't move. 

On a nice 3 mile walk with friends! Here Battier is with Charlie and Great-Grandma Shawn. 
Fun photo of 5 good dogs! Shawn, Battier, Charlie, Ella and Mischa. 

Tonight we went to the Art of Beer Festival. It was a great training opportunity! There were a lot of people, lots of sounds, music, food, drinks and LOTS of people. We shared information about CCI and let people pet the dogs who asked first. 
Battier (15 months) and Destry (6 months) at Art of Beer. 

This was an awesome photo opportunity at one of the vendor booths! We asked and they were excited for us to take a picture of the dogs on the motorcycle. Battier really trusts me, that seat was VERY small. 

This guy from Saint Archer Brew really wanted a picture with the dogs, we love his sign and want to make one for Dog Fest! 

TIRED puppies! Battier was knocked out and Destry wasn't too far behind her. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

We found out that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Battier has plenty of dress up pictures!


Battier in Britton Colquitt jersey! 

AJ Hawk! Go Packers! 

Alex Smith 

Robbie Gould 

Shane Battier! 

Jason Thompson! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year.

I was in Mexico for New Years, Battier stayed at a puppy sitters and had a great time with a COC CCI puppy. 

Battier a little tired from hanging out with COC Peggy over New Years. 

Monday - Back to work! Battier is great in the office, she just sleeps or chews on a bone. Sometimes we get to play with her toys and she likes that. 

Tennis court play time! 

Great Grandma Shawn was even feeling playful. 

Battier goes to physical therapy with me. She does great! There is a lot of equipment in the office and this week there were a lot people. Battier is so good and just takes it all in. 

Hanging out while I get an ultrasound and stem treatment. 

Cuddles! She is my cuddliest puppy. 

We walked at Ancil Hoffman Park today. Checking out the golfer here. 

The golf course is beautiful! 

The weather was perfect today...mid 60's in January.