Monday, November 11, 2013

FIrst time tasting real food!

Weaning has started and Battier had her first taste of food today! The "B" puppies will be 1 month old tomorrow! 

Looks like she enjoys the new food (Blue paint puppy). 

Thank You Veterans

Thank you to all who have served and are serving our county, we are free because of you!

Canine Companions for Independence Wounded Veterans Initiative provides service dogs to Veterans who need them, free of charge.

Click the video above to learn a little more about the program. Calvin and Service Dog Chesney. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Introducing BATTIER

Canine Companions for Independence puppy BATTIER was born on October 15, 2013 to Tosca II (Golden Retriever) and Orent II (Yellow Lab). Battier has 1 sister and 4 brothers:  M - Red - Brubeck, F - Blue - Battier, M - Purple - Brad, M - Neon Green - Bernie, F - Neon Pink - Beatrice, M - Brown - Bert. 

Battier (
bat-ee-ay) was named after Shane Battier of the Miami Heat. Shane and his wife Heidi are very involved in helping the community and when I found out that Tosca was having a "B" litter I thought it would be a great way to honor them for their work. You can find out more about The Take Charge Foundation by clicking the link. - "Do Good. Do Well." 

Battier will be trained to be a potential service dog for someone who needs her. Canine Companions for Independence trains and provides service dogs FREE of charge. The training takes approximately 2 years and you can follow her journey here. CCI places 4 types of dogs: Service Dogs to assist an individual with tasks such as picking up dropped items, pulling a wheelchair, opening doors, turning lights on and off and many more things. Skilled Companion dogs work with a child or an adult plus another handler in a team to assist the graduate. Facility Dogs work in schools, hospitals or even in a court room working with victims, their ability to comfort those around them are amazing. The last, but not least type of service dog are Hearing Dogs that can alert their Deaf or Hard of Hearing handler to sounds such a the fire alarm, doorbell, their name being called, dropped items and many more sounds. 

Battier will be my 8th puppy for Canine Companions for Independence! My 3rd puppy Chandra (aka Shawn) was chosen as a breeder back in 2006. She is Battier's great-grandma and Tosca looks just like her! I'm looking forward to this new adventure. 

Mama Tosca with Battier. 

Tosca II and Orent II, the proud parents. 

Want to learn a little more about Canine Companions for Independence? Check out this video below.