Thursday, March 5, 2015

Miami and Key Biscayne

Today we walked over 8 miles in Miami! Battier was great!
We drove about 30 minutes to Key Biscayne. This is a nice beach on the bay. There were a lot of other dogs here and Battier did great. She didn't get to go swimming today and she was fine with it. 

Happy girl! 

Only 70 days left as a puppy in training! 

Happy Hour by the beach. 

At the marina, with Downtown Miami in the background. 

Looking at Downtown Miami from Key Biscayne! 

Beautiful sunset. 

I LOVE this dog!! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First full day in Miami!

We are staying in Miami for a week and today was our first full day here. We went to South Beach and walked about 4 miles! It was pretty hot and humid for Battier, but she did great! We walked on Ocean Drive and all around the beach. It was a fun day!

Downtown Miami 

Hanging out on Lincoln Road at our favorite restaurant and bar, D'vine! It was great as usual.

Checking out South Beach for the first time! 

2 days ago we were at the Pacific Ocean and here we are at the Atlantic. 


It was hot and Battier needed a drink! 

We spotted a Battioke flyer on a car on Ocean Drive!

Playing with toys at the house after a long day! 


After about 24 hours of traveling we finally made it last night to Shane Battier's South Beach Battioke at the Fillmore Miami Beach!

The event was a lot of fun and for a great cause, the Shane Take Charge Foundation!

Battier and Shane Battier! It was great to see Shane again, we're so happy that we made the event! I wasn't sure we were going to make it with all the plane delays. We ended up going straight to the event from the airport! 

It was a party! 

Ready for Battioke to start! 

First flight!

Well...we've had a very eventful last 2 days. It started yesterday when we went to SFO at 5pm for our 7:10 flight. That ended up being delayed 6 different times! Finally after a 3 hour delay, someone from Frontier called me and said I could cance and get a full refund. I checked with United at around 9pm and I was able to get on a plane today from SFO to Houston then only an hour layover before Miami...the hour layover was about 3 hours for mechanical again. 

Battier is doing SO well!! She's such an awesome puppy! She has been sleeping during both flights and nothing seems to bother her. 
Waiting for the original Frontier flight. 

We stayed in a hotel and Battier got to slee on the other bed after our long day...on an invite of course. 

Entering her first plane! 

We're up in the air now on wifi and Battier is sleeping on my feet. She's a happy girl, but I know she's going to be excited to get to Miami!!