Tuesday, March 24, 2015

200 days until DOG FEST WALK 'N ROLL!

DOG FEST SACRAMENTO is 200 days away! 

Join my team today!! We are looking forward to the 2nd annual Dog Fest in Sacramento! 

Click HERE to join my team! 

Did you know it takes approximately $50,000 to breed, raise and train a Canine Companions for Independence dog before they are placed with their Graduate? This is made possible by generous donations. 

Come out to our fun filled event and celebrate Canine Companions for Independence! Our 5k walk and roll is accessible for all. We also will have fun dog activities! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Disneyland and California Adventures!

Wow, what a great experience! We spent Friday afternoon-Sunday AM at Disneyland and California Adventures! The dogs: Battier, Louis and Destry were fantastic!! The did well on the rides and with all the crowds. Most people understood that the puppies were working and would either ask to pet or just ask to take a picture of them.

We went on the ferris wheel at California Adventures for our first ride and they were awesome! We had 4 people and 3 dogs and they stayed in their downs unless we told them a different command. Battier did lap and seemed to enjoy looking out. We went on the stationary car and not the one that rocks! 

California Adventures does not have a lot of rides that the dogs can join on, but they do have a lot of great picture opportunities! 

Saturday at Disneyland was pretty busy since it's around Spring Break and there was also a big USA Nationals Cheer competition in Anaheim pretty close to Disneyland. 

We took the dogs on Pirates, Small World, Jungle Cruise, Buzz Lightyear and the train the goes around the park. They did very well. It was all their first time on boats and they went right on without any problems.  

We made sure that we were back at the hotel by the time the fireworks went off for the safety of the dogs. We were about a block away at our hotel and we could hear them and they were loud! 

Setting up the dogs for a picture with the castle in the morning...

Then this happened! 

Battier was doing an UP when Ariel came to give her a hug. 

Pluto let Battier check out his bed! 

Break time was definitely necessary for the dogs and for us! 

Goofy was ready for a walk. 

USA Nationals Cheer competition was in Anaheim this weekend, we asked this group for a picture. 

Another group saying hi to the puppies at California Adventures. 

We sent them to the dog pound at Toon Town! 

This is what happens when we set up the dogs for a photo...they were very popular at Disneyland. 

Back to Sacramento we go! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Disneyland has been so much fun! I will be posting photos when I get back home on Sunday night!

For now, enjoy a few!

If you would like more information on Canine Companions for Independence, please click the link.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ready for another trip! DISNEYLAND!!

I go to physical therapy once a week after a car accident last year. Battier is great around all the equipment and patients. 
Here she's doing a "lap" while I get the ice and stem treatment. She can do all her commands while I'm in any position. 

Battier and Shawn really love to snuggle

Photo bombing Shawn...she didn't know what was coming! 

Bath time before Disneyland! I wanted Battier to be clean and soft for people who might pet her at Disneyland. I also wanted to give Shawn a bath for my friend who is keeping her over the weekend. 
Fresh and clean! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to Sacramento.

Back to reality.

This is where Battier sleeps at the office. She LOVES her West Paw toys! We have them at home and at the office. These toys are the best, they are very durable and are made in the US! 

First time Battier saw Kayte in over a week! She was VERY happy to see her friend!! 

Battier is in Big Dog class, but last night we went to watch and work on commands around the Basic and Riffraff classes! Battier and Shawn are on a 50 ft long line here that is on a tie down. They held their downs until I released them. 

Battier holding UP. She can do this for 1 minute. In the background puppies practiced HERE on the 50 ft line. 

There was a beautiful sunset that we had to get a picture of. 

Carly our contact trainer trying to distract the puppies. Battier didn't move at all. 

Battier, Shawn and Frolic. Both are Shawn's Great-Grand puppies. Frolic's mom is Jubilee, she is a Brady III puppy and OMSI III is Brady's dad. 

We went to Petsmart after class. Frolic and Battier were interested in the little animals, but both were great and didn't break their commands. 

Working...these two are funny! 

Shawn and Battier ready for dinner! 

Flight home.

We came back from Miami on Tuesday. We walked 4 miles before the trip home. Battier was awesome again on the planes! We had bulkhead on both planes and it was so much better! The flight attendants at United and everyone working there is awesome! 

Fitting under the seat in bulkhead.

Taking a little snooze. 

2nd flight from Houston to SFO. 

Sleeping under the bulkhead seat. 

Ice in a dish from United. 

Back home and at SFO!