Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Battier is home!

It was a long 3 weeks for me while Battier was in the kennels at CCI. She did very well and I heard from CCI that she's a great dog! I already knew that, but it's nice for other people to see it too.

Of course when Battier got home I had to take some pictures by the Christmas tree! 

Battier wondering if the pictures are over yet. 

We took some 14 month old photos. Battier turned 14 months on the 15th. 

We've been getting a lot of rain in Sacramento this past week and we really need it! 

We went to see some friends :) Mischa and Ella. Battier hasn't seen them in about a month. 

Good thing the fire pit wasn't on! This wasn't at my friends house the last time Battier was there, we'll be doing a fire lesson next time it's on. 

Tonight there was a walk around the Fabulous 40's in East Sacramento. It was great for the dogs and fun for all the puppy raisers too. There were horse-drawn carriages all over and the puppies did very well. 

After the light walk some of us puppy raisers went out to dinner. This is Battier and Prima under the table. There were 5 puppies and they all did great! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1 more week...

Battier went into heat on Thanksgiving when we were in Palm Springs. She got a ride to the CCI kennels that Saturday and has been there since. I really miss her! It's not the same going out without her and I miss having her at home too. 1 more week until she's ready to come home!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday.

Today is Giving Tuesday. A day where people give to their favorite charities. Millions of dollars are donated today. We supported Canine Companions for Independence,  The Take Charge Foundation and our good friend Jason Thompson's foundation . There is a wish list on Amazon for toys for the Advanced Training dogs at our NW region. I sent some Bumi's from West Paw Design! Those are Battier's favorite!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Battier's Pedigree

Here is Battier's pedigree! Her mom Tosca II is a full Golden Retriever and her dad Orent II is a full Yellow Lab.
Battier Orent II Alvin II Wasatch Lamond Baumann
Josette II - GDB
Yvonne II Carson - GDB
Tosca - GDB
Waverly Baumann Hanford II
Quintara II
Tiffi Hemet
Alondra Weldin Baumann Hanford II
Quintara II
Nerina - GDB  
Lista Neptune III Quester II
Tassel - GDB
Calla Hemet
Tosca II Kaelen Finnegan - Non CCI    
Brynna OMSI CH Amanda\'s Pacific Whirlwind CDX TD JH
Seaview\'s Splendid Lady
Sylvi Therrio
Akeelah Chandra OMSI CH Amanda\'s Pacific Whirlwind CDX TD JH
Seaview\'s Splendid Lady
Natalie II - GDB  
Kittredge OMSI CH Amanda\'s Pacific Whirlwind CDX TD JH d
Seaview\'s Splendid Lady
Piniella CAN CH Darrowby R Sierra High Flyer
Beaulieu\'s R Kira of Beaver Lake
Pedigree generated by

Thanksgiving week!

Sometimes Battier likes to be silly. 

We went to a Dog Fest Sacramento wrap up party for the committee members. The dogs had a GREAT time at our trainer Carly's house. 


Off to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving! This was after 300 miles and we had 200 to go. 

We finally made it to Palm Springs! 

Just hanging out with Grammy in the spa. 

Patio time! 

Enjoying the 80*+ weather for the week. 

A double "visit" while watching the Kings game. 

This is definitely one of Battier's favorite toys! The Bumi from West Paw Design. 

Some shopping. 

Sleepy girls. 

Shawn even had some energy to play! 

Thanksgiving Day...Battier at 13 months. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Puppy Class

Today we had puppy class, it is the start of a new semester and Battier is repeating Riffraff. We have 4 levels: KPT, Basic, Riffraff and Big Dogs. Battier will be in Big Dogs after this semester and starting in February! That's hard to believe.

Today we worked on BED - from different positions. Battier is awesome at this! I can stand with my back to the bed and Battier in a heel and she will find the bed.

We also practiced something that Battier is great at...the dogs on/off switch. Meaning, they get excited and playful and then go back to work mode. I will have to get a video, but Battier can go from bouncing and running (never pulling on the leash) then right to a sit or heel. She's such a good girl!

We went to class early to watch the Basic puppies. They worked on bed here as well with a puppy taking turns weaving in and out of all the dogs. 

Battier met her half-sister Kailee for the first time today. Kailee is an Orent II puppy and Hula. Hula is from Brady III, Brady is an OMSI III puppy and OMSI is a Shawn puppy. So they're pretty closely related. Battier is about 3 weeks older than Kailee. 

After class we went to the Fountains in Roseville and the Galleria. I was surprised at home many people were out Christmas shopping. It was PACKED. Battier did awesome as usual. 

The girls are getting ready for our long road trip on Monday. We'll be driving 500 miles to Palm Springs. It'll be worth it since it's going to be a lot warmer there!