Thursday, January 30, 2014

Play date, first restaurant and gym time!

Today Battier had another busy day! We went to 24 Hour Fitness in Carmichael, they love the puppies there and it is always a great place to train. I finished my workout and went home to get Battier for some training. She did very well around all the equipment and people. Nothing seems to bother her, she went by the elliptical machines, treadmills, bikes, weights and in the locker room. We practiced "down" "sit" and her auto sits when I stop, she is doing very well with all these things.

With the rain we've had in Sacramento I thought it would be nice to set up a play date for Battier on our tennis court. Battier's half sister Jane (Orent II x Winter) lives down the street and was happy to come over for play time! The girls had a great time running on the tennis court. Before they played we worked them on their commands and we also worked on recalls while they were playing. Both girls did very well. I think Battier is going to be really big! Jane is 6 months old, 2 months and 2 days older than Battier and Battier is catching up to her in size already! Jane turns in to CCI in February 2015 and Battier will go back in May 2015. They're in the same puppy class right now. 

After play time Battier went to her first restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings! Again she was great! I just love this puppy! She walked in nicely, ignored the people that wanted to talk to her and went right under the table when I asked her to. She slept all during dinner, play time before probably helped with that too. She's such a great puppy, especially for 15 weeks old! 

Small world story: At Buffalo Wild Wings one of the servers came up to me and told me that her sister has a CCI breeder named Jimbo. It's a small world because my breeder Chandra (Shawn) is Jimbo's Great Great Grandma! Jimbo is Brady III puppy, Brady is from OMSI III and OMSI is from Shawn's first litter! Jimbo and Battier are also cousins I think because of that. 

A few more pictures :)

You can never have too many pictures! Battier is such a photogenic puppy, she makes my job easy! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Water from the hose..another first!

Battier drank water from the hose for the first time today! She thought it was a lot of fun :) I just love these pictures, they definitely seem to capture the moment. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Busy day!

Today was a very busy day for Battier. It started out by having her second vet appointment. She weighs in at 29.6 lbs at 14 weeks. The vet just loves her and we love them for giving CCI puppies such great care and free appointments! I also found out today that they give free Heartguard and Frontline to CCI puppies! Thanks to the Sacramento Animal Hospital for that!

After the vet appointment we went to our office, Amador Stage Lines a bus company in Sacramento that my family owns. Battier walked around the shop, and in the office. She did great, the loud sounds did not bother her at all. 

After the office we went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Jack's in Sacramento. This was Battier's first restaurant and she acted like a pro! It's always busy at Jack's and she went through the line doing her auto sits very well. It was such a beautiful day today that we sat out on the patio and enjoyed. 

It's not all work and no play around here. Once we got home Battier played on the tennis court and around the yard. 

It's nap time now :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 months

Battier is 3 months old today! She is doing very well in her training. Her "here" is excellent, even when distracted. Our yard is pretty big and it's always nice to teach a solid recall when the puppies are very little, it helps that Battier loves treats as well :) During the last few weeks Battier has learned "Bed" and "Down", she will do a down without a lure of body cues. Sit, shake and kennel are also commands she knows.

Here is a slideshow I put together of Battier's first 3 months. Every month I will make a new one and then when it is hopefully time for her to graduate I will give a movie of pictures and short videos to her new family! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Learning! 12 weeks old.

Battier is such a smart girl! She knows sit, shake, bed and down all at 12 weeks old. She is doing well on her auto-sits when we stop. While I was in Reno for the week, Battier stayed with a friend and fellow puppy raiser. Battier had fun playing and learning from Service Dog Felice and puppy in training Spunky!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Battier learns the "Bed" command!

It only took about 15 minutes for Battier to learn the concept of "bed"! We will continue practicing everyday, but this is a great start! Bed tells the puppy to go to a target/bed and lay down until given another command.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shane Battier's foundation

Check out Shane Battier's Take Charge Foundation.

Here is a great video of Shane talking about his foundation:

A link to the article can be found here. There is definitely a way for all of us to make a difference in the world.

Going to be in Miami on January 27th? Check out South Beach Battioke!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from CCI puppy Battier! We will be watching the Rose Bowl today! Go Stanford!!