Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tennis Court Puppy Class

Last night we hosted tennis court puppy class for the GRC puppies! This is a great opportunity for off-leash training. It's important for CCI puppies to work without their capes and gentle leaders on. Off leash gives us an opportunity to work on recalls with a lot of distractions. The chain link fence is a great place to practice "Up". A lot of down-stays are practiced as well. The dogs all did a great job! 

Riffraff class 

Battier, Shawn and Azuki after Basic class. 

Battier holding a down while Riffraff class works on the other side of the court. 

Sabina and her puppy Azuki (6 months) 

Shawn and Battier 

Battier, Shawn, Azuki and Sabina 

Elsie, Battier, Shawn, Azuki and Sabina. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

USA Track and Field Trials

Today we checked out the Shot Put Olympic Trials at the State Capitol! Such a cool location for this event! The athletes are impressive! Throwing a 12 lbs ball up to around 72 ft. 
Battier did really well with the crowds and sounds, not surprising she's awesome! 

Checking out the Dog Fest Sacramento park!

There was a Dog Fest Walk 'N Roll meeting tonight at the Johnson-Springview Park in Rocklin. This is the location we will be at for our Dog Fest! It's a beautiful, big park. A really cool thing they have is a "Special Needs" Dog park next to their other 2 dog parks, one for big dogs and one for small. The special needs park is for Service Dogs and Puppies in Training! Pretty cool! CCI dogs are not allowed in regular dog parks, but this special one is perfect for them to play in.
Battier at Johnson-Springview Park. 

This is where our Dog Fest will take place! It's a huge park. 

Felice, Froomin, Connie, Battier, Wella, Aloha and Hammer want you to join them at Dog Fest! 

Watching some soccer games. 

The really cool Special Needs park! 

Battier and her friend Aloha. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lake Tahoe and Reno pictures

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Lake Tahoe and Reno. Check out the blog post below for a full recap of our weekend! 

Nevada Beach has a great dog friendly beach! We had a nice private area that Battier could swim in. 

Reno - Truckee River. 

Checking out the Truckee River! 

Exhausted after the busy weekend. 

Reno & Lake Tahoe

Where do we start? This has been a fun filled weekend! On Friday we drove from Sacramento to Reno, which takes about 2 hours. Battier is a great traveler and just sleeps in the back the entire way.
When we arrived in Reno we took everything up to the condo that we needed and then we met up with friends at the Brew Fest. It was almost over by the time we arrived, but Battier did very well walking around the crowds, bands and  vendors. 
The streets were blocked off by the Eldorado in downtown Reno for the event. 
It was pretty windy as you can see Battier's ears blowing in the wind. Next stop was to the Reno Aces baseball game, this is Minor league baseball and it was pretty fun. 
People loved meeting Battier and learning about CCI. I try to make time to share information about the organization when I can, you never know who might be interested in puppy raising or maybe know of someone that would like to apy for a dog. 
Someone had dropped popcorn by us. Battier didn't even look at it. Before I too this picture she was sleeping with popcorn all over her back.  

On Saturday we drove to Lake Tahoe, it's about an hour from Reno. Battier got to swim in the beautiful lake! 
The water is pretty cold so I like to have the puppies wear life jackets just in case. 
We stayed at the lake for about 3 hours. It was a very beautiful day. Battier definitely had fun swimming! I have more photos from my Nikon that'll post soon. 

After the lake we drove back to Reno. Battier was pretty tired on the way home. She fell asleep with her head up, I wish I could have gotten a picture. Battier relaxed in the condo before another busy night. 

We went to a casino and Battier did very well with all the sights and sounds. After that we went to see a movie, Battier's first in the theater! It was the new Tom Cruise movie, The Edge of Tomorrow. Battier slept the entire time. After the movie we went to get sushi on the river front. Battier is definitely a great puppy! 

Overall we've had a lot of great experiences this weekend. 

Sunday started out with a long walk by the river that runs through downtown Reno. It was a beautiful day. Battier saw a lot of different types of dogs, people on skateboards, kids playing in the river and a lot different things. Downtown is a great place to train a puppy! Battier does very well with her "hurry" on cement, she'll go whenever I tell her to.
Practicing up along with some other commands. 

Checking out the Truckee river. 

We walked around the river for a second time! It's just such a nice day out. 
After the walk we went to Target. A great place for training. I worked on some unders with Battier.

Time to relax a little. Watching the World Cup. Go USA!!