Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Friday!!

We had a great week, but we're happy it's Friday! 

We went to the park to work on different surfaces and equipment. 

Battier went down the slide and seemed to enjoy it! 

16 month photo. 

Battier's mom Tosca II was raised in Ohio and went to Ohio State! A puppy raiser and Breeder Caretaker in our chapter gave us this shirt. Looks pretty cute on Battier! 

Thursday's will be volleyball day since I joined a league with friends. Battier did GREAT! She held her down while I was in the game or just laid down next to me when I was out of the game. 

We went to Petco today to pick out some fish, Battier picked out a frog! She LOVED it. Battier has grown up around fish tanks and my Grandma's Parakeet Coco. 

Battier finding the perfect spot to sleep. 

Cleaned out my car today for our upcoming road trips! Going to Half Moon Bay on Sunday before our flight to Miami. We're also going to Disneyland with 2 other puppy raiser friends and puppies at the end of March. It's going to be fun! 

Our bags are packed for Miami! We have everything ready for the trip. 21 cups of dog food. Clean cape. Battioke tickets. Shane's jersey. JT's jersey. Puppy ID card. Puppy Toys and more! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Experiences!

On Sunday we went to a BBQ and volleyball day at the park! There were a few other little dogs, one was only 2 lbs! Kids, food, volleyball games and and overall great experience. Battier held her down while the 2 lbs puppy tried to play with her, it was very cute! 

Rollerblading for the first time! We did 3 miles today. 
Rest break for some kisses! 
Checking out the scenery! 
Big Dog Class #2! We went to Build-A-Bear at the mall! 
UP on the step. 
Checking out how they make a bear! 

Big Dog Class May 2015 
Dawn, Nilight, Battier, Nilda, Opal, Pippa and Nilda. 

First Big Dog puppy class!

First Big Dog class! Big Dog Class starts when puppies are 3 months from turn in at CCI. This was our first class at a cool Folsom park. There's a dog park, skate park. 

Nilight, Napa, Nilda, Pippa, Battier and Louis. 

Doing an UP on the fence and checking out the skate park! 

Cuddles are necessary after puppy class! I like to teach my pups proper manners on the couch/bed. They get on an off with a command only and this is on a special occasion. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Airline experience

In December I planned a trip to Miami. I try to meet friends there every year and this year the perfect timing is March 2-9th. So I booked my ticket on American after hearing from a few puppy raisers that they have had a positive experience with American and I also had miles to use on a ticket. When I booked I told them in December that I would be bringing a Service Dog in TRAINING. They said that was fine and that they would make a note in my file because it was too early then to add a dog.

Fast forward to yesterday. I received a call from American asking me about the dog. Their first question was how much she weighs, I told them about 64 lbs. Then the man asked what services the dog provides for me. At this time I told him that she is IN TRAINING. He then said that American does not allow puppies in training into the cabin. She could ride under the plane, but if she was an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) then she could fly in the cabin.

I really feel strongly about this subject because MOST ESA's are fakes, people trying to get their dog to fly for free in the cabin. There may be some people out there that really need a dog, but ESA's do not have to have any training, the person just needs a signature on a paper from a "doctor". If you google "ESA" you can get a certificate printed the same day. This is why I have such a problem with ESA's.

Battier is 16 months and has been in training since she was 2 months old. She know approximately 35 commands. Battier also is trained to only go to the bathroom on command. She will keep a down-stay until I tell her to get up. She has been exposed to different people, sights, sounds and pretty much anything you can think of! Basketball games, pool parties, BBQ's, Air Shows, movies, hotels, road trips, theme parks, restaurants, basketball camps with 300 kids, work at a bus company, malls, concert, parks, tennis courts, physical therapy, doctors visits, bowling, football games, tailgates, golf tournaments, camping, RV trip, and many many more places.

I was very upset yesterday with American and their policy, I understand as Canine Companions for Independence puppy raisers we cannot push the issue to get our puppies places and we depend on the good will of companies to allow our puppies training opportunities for when they become service dogs. After posting on Facebook, I heard from a few people that have not have positive experiences with American in the last year and a half. I'm guessing their policy has changed in that time.

American also has a history of not allowing SERVICE DOGS on their planes. Check out this article of them not allowing a Iraq vet and his service dog that was trained by South Eastern Guide Dogs, it sounds like a similar program to the new CCI PTSD program. Click here for the link.

I tweeted some other airlines yesterday along with American. Two that I wrote to were Frontier and United, both of them accept puppies in training and are happy to assist. Frontier has awesome customer service on twitter! They write back fast and are very helpful! United as well and I also spoke to a woman named June on the phone that was great! Both airlines helped me get seats that would accommodate Battier the best. I decided today that I would spend $550 extra on tickets and drive to SFO from Sacramento to give Battier this training opportunity to Miami. I am also paying for tickets on airlines that support the puppy raising mission. The customer service at Frontier and United are topnotch. American, I cannot say the same for. When I called to try and cancel my American ticket I was on hold for an hour and 54 minutes! I think that has to be a record.

Overall, I am happy that I found two airlines that are supportive of CCI and puppies in training. I also wish I knew this before because I probably would have saved money if I booked with them in December.

Look out for pictures of Battier from Miami! We're going to Shane Battier's Battioke event on Tuesday March 3rd! South Beach, and the Kings and Heat game!

A BIG THANK YOU to Frontier and United for making this possible and for also allowing puppies in training to get the experience they need to be an awesome service dog in the future.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Battioke 2015

2 weeks from today we'll be in Miami at Shane Battier's Battioke charity event! Our tickets came in the mail today. It's going to be a lot of fun! The event benefits Shane and Heidi's Take Charge Foundation. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015



Battier and Shawn siting nicely before they '"released" to swim! This was the first swim of the year for both of the girls and they loved it! 

Battier has the dive down! 

I practice with Battier holding her down while Shawn plays. Battier does great with this! 

Drying off in the sun. 


Battier and her friends! 

Ella and Mischa 

This was a fun picture! Getting all the girls to sit together was a little challenging, but we did it! 

NW February 2015 Graduation

It was a beautiful and warm day in Santa Rosa for the February 2015 Graduation! The dogs had a GREAT time in the big play yard at CCI. 

Shawn, Fritz and Battier. 
Fritz was raised in Washington and turned in to CCI. 

Battier made a friend in the play yard, his name is Vincent and he's a potential breeder. 

Sabina, Azuki, Shawn and Battier 

Battier and Sabina playing tug! 

The tunnel is always fun! 

The "2 month girls" - last photo together. 
Azuki - 14 months
Battier - 16 months 
Jane - 18 months - turn in. 

After the play yard a group of puppy raisers go to Dada's sandwich shop right by CCI! We had about 15 dogs under the tables this time. 

Battier and her dad Orent II. He's such a great dog! It sounds like his puppies are doing very well.