Monday, December 30, 2013

"Bat Girl" - 11 weeks

Battier at 11 weeks. 

Battier's first vet appointment!

Battier will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and she already weighs 23.1 lbs! Battier went to Sacramento Animal Hospital today on H St, they give free vet visits to CCI puppies and graduates! Such a great vet! We only have to pay for the shots. Everyone couldn't believe how big Battier is, I definitely think she's going to be a big girl when she grows up!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Battier meets Shane Battier!

Last night Battier (Batty-ay) met her namesake, 2 time World Champion with the Miami Heat and great guy Shane Battier! My family's company has provided the transportation for the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament where we had the pleasure of meeting Shane 3+ years ago. When I found out I was getting a "B" puppy  from Tosca's litter, I wanted to honor the good things Shane is doing for the community and I asked Tosca's breeder caretaker to submit the name, it's great the CCI picked it! 

I made arrangements with another CCI puppy raiser to bring Battier to the game once it was finished since she is too little to attend a whole basketball game. Battier did very well while we waited for Shane, having a chew toy kept her entertained while people walked by and said how cute she is and what a good girl she was as well. Check out Shane's foundation by clicking the link.

Battier is a big girl! 10.5 weeks and I'm guessing a little over 20 lbs! She's going to be a great puppy! Very smart and willing to learn! I'm really looking forward to raising her over the next 17 months. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Battier!! We are back at Lake Tahoe for Christmas. Battier had a great first Christmas, she thought opening presents was a lot of fun! We went to the pier for some more lake shots. It's a beautiful and warm day for Christmas in Tahoe, around 40*. 

Fun with tissue! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Reindeer dogs

Check out the reindeer dogs! We're going back to Lake Tahoe tomorrow for Christmas, looking forward to the snow! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Battier's first week!

Jane and Battier.

Battier had a great first week. She is doing very well with her "sit" and "here" command. She also knows her name. I'm very lucky that Battier likes to sleep in already for a little puppy!! I had to wake her up at 8am today, the earliest she woke up this week was 6:15 am. Battier is such a happy and smart puppy! Today we went to our first puppy class. We are lucky in the Gold Rush Champions (GRC) to have an awesome contract trainer! We worked on auto sits, down and greetings. Battier got to meet her half sister Jane, another Orent puppy. 

Battier watched her namesake Shane Battier and the Miami Heat against the home town Sacramento Kings! 
Battier loves the baby bed!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Help stop the sale of fake service dog equipment.

Yesterday on one of our shuttle buses from Lake Tahoe to the Reno airport a man brought his girlfriends "service dog" a large intact male pit bull in a red vest and on a flexi leash. The dog sat on the seat of the bus (not allowed if it was a real service dog) and when the man was asked what the dog did by another passenger he said "serve and protect". A protection dog is NOT covered under the ADA and the dog had no right to be on our bus let alone the plane at his next stop. He also said that he just registered the dog online and sent in a 2 minute video of the dog with 2 other dogs for his "certification". When they got off the bus the dog was wandering around 20 ft from the owner on the flexi leash, smelling the bushes and people. It really makes me angry that people think that it is alright to imitate service dogs because they think it's cool or cute for their dog to get a little vest and go everywhere with them. If you know someone who does this tell them what they are doing is wrong! By bringing an untrained dog into public, people are only hurting those who really need service dogs! Click the  link to CCI's website where they are collecting signatures to tell the Department of Justice to stop the sale of fake service dog equipment.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lake Tahoe

We had a great time in Lake Tahoe! There's no place like it! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lake Tahoe!

Today we drove to Lake Tahoe from Sacramento, it's only a 2 hour drive and Battier did great! Soon as we got to the house Battier got out of the car and felt snow for the first time. She was so happy! Pouncing on the snow, taking a few bites and pushing her nose under the snow. She loved it! We went to our pier for some pictures, I'm very happy how they turned out. The pictures from my camera will be up later this week, we'll worth the wait. 

Once we got back to the house Battier curled up next to the fire and went to sleep. I think she loves Tahoe already! 

To top off the day there was an amazing sunset over the lake! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Battier's first outing & busy day!

Today we went to the Fountains at Roseville. It was a beautiful day and Battier saw a lot of people, kids, strollers, a train and of course the water fountains! She was great! A lot of people wanted to pet her, but at this age I don't let anyone. It's nice when people understand right away that she is in training and has to focus. Battier is doing really well with the "Sit" command. The fountains were loud, but nothing seemed to bother her. We also went to Pet Food Express and I weighed her, she is 18.1 lbs! Such a big girl!!

Battier is taking a much needed nap after our busy day!

After Battier's nap we went to visit friends. They had a fire outside and we sat and talked for awhile. Battier was a great guest. She just hung out with me until she decided it was time to take another nap by the fire. She was sleeping on my lap, once she was out I put her on a chair since it would be more comfortable than the cold ground. She seemed very content. 

After the nap we went inside where Battier met Pnina the Persian kitty for the first time! Pnina is only a year old and she was very curious about Battier. Both of them did very well, I can see them being friends in the future. With all Pnina's fur she looks about as big as Battier!