Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another weekend in Tahoe

We are lucky that the beautiful Lake Tahoe is only 2 hours from Sacramento. The weather was great and we walked around the casino area, Heavenly and a 2 mile hike in to Nevada Beach!

Nevada Beach 

Hanging out on our pier...waiting for the sunset. 

Beautiful Lake Tahoe. 

There were a lot of people and even a classic car show at Heavenly. It was warm out for Tahoe and Battier looked at the fountain like she wanted to get in. 

Check out this happy pup! 

Love this girl! 

Battier's favorite toy from West Paw! They're awesome and made in the USA! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 We celebrate National Dog Day everyday! Apparently today is National Dog Day, so we took some more photos.

We started the day with a photo shoot in Shane Battier's jersey. The lighting was great and Battier was the perfect model. 

Later we found out that it was also #kibblenamegame challenge day! Here's Battier waiting for her name to be spelled out...

She's also wondering when she can eat...since she can't eat anything off the ground all the food was picked up and she ate dinner about an hour later. 

Bring food out and Battier is even more happy than she normally is! 

Battier was featured on the Miami Heat Instagram page! 

And also on the Sacramento Kings Instagram page with one of her favorite people, JT! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Walk to the American River

Today we took a nice walk to Ancil Hoffman Park and the American River. The dogs love to swim in the river and I let them today since it was pretty warm. Battier does very well on her flat collar and never walks past my knee, she's a great puppy! 

Shawn and Battier at the American River 

                                           Hope everyone had a great Monday! We did!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Woofstock 2014

Today we went to a fun event called Woofstock! The event was held at Johnson-Springview Park, the same park that we will have our Dog Fest Walk 'N Roll in 2 months! There was a great turn out and definitely fun for everyone. We went to booths and told people about our event and there was a lot of interest. The food trucks were out and those were definitely great! There were a lot of different types of dogs, it's always good for our CCI puppies to be around other types. They're very used to Golden Retrievers and Labs, but seeing giant Great Danes and little Dachshunds.

The girls are home and tired now from all the people petting them. A lot of people learned about CCI today! Always great to share these awesome dogs!!

Hanging out at the CCI booth. 

Getting love from people. 

The CCI information booth. 

Check out this fun Bug! Felice (SD), Nilight and Battier. 

Battier, Felice and Dublin. 

Hanging out in the x-pen with Great Grandma Chandra (Shawn) and Aunt Omeeka. 

More love. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Another good day at the gym! Battier does so well just hanging out by the machines. I know she will hold her down for as long as I ask her. She's such a awesome puppy! 
You have to have Beats at the gym! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We would love for your to join our Dog Fest Walk 'N Roll team! This will be the first time this signature event for Canine Companions for Independence is held in Sacramento. 100% off the money raised by Dog Fest will go directly to Canine Companions for Independence so they can provide assistance dogs to those who need them FREE of charge. The estimated cost to breed and train an assistance dog is around $60,000. 

Not only will you be helping Canine Companions for Independence, but you'll also have a fun day at Johnson-Springview Park! We are planning a great day starting with the 5k Walk 'N Roll, Assistance dog demos, vendors, food trucks, live music, dog adoptions and a lot more! 

Please consider donating to Team Battier, click our name for the link. We would love to see you at the park on October 25th! 

Johnson-Springview Park. 

Battier in the middle with some CCI friends ready for the 5k!